Not content with denigrating the Mansoor Amarna Collection, Prof. Dr. Dietrich Wildung of the Egyptian Museum of Berlin, has been resorting to propagating lies, just like the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, and perpetuating the unethical conduct of his

 “ Egyptian art milieu”.

In June 2004, a documentary producer – Mr. Frederic Marcou -asked him to be interviewed re the Mansoor Amarna Collection. Of course, Wildung declined on the grounds that his “ Egyptian art milieu“ might be subjected to “serious legal problems “.  We know Wildung can speak and read the English language, so we refer him once more to

If need be, we will translate it into the German language for him and ask him to stop his lies!

His unethical conduct is another problem he has saddled his “Egyptian art milieu” with.

In his June 5, 2004 e-mail to Mr. Marcou, Wildung states: “ I had suggested to our colleagues at the Walters Art Gallery in Baltimore organising the next meeting of the Committee of Egyptology in the ICOM ( International Council of Museums ) in September in Baltimore to include eventually a paper on the Mansoor case ( one of the topics of the meeting will be forgeries), but finally we came to the conclusion that a public negative statement about the Mansoor pieces at a congress in the US could create  serious legal problems”. Wildung’s hiding behind the “ threat “ of a lawsuit is not a cop-out. It’s cowardly. Enough of these lies, Prof. Dr. Wildung.

Wildung and his satraps have judged the Mansoor Amarna Collection, in absentia, once already, when they had an exhibit in Munich, Hamburg and Brussels in the 1980’s. They didn’t have the decency or courage to ask us to defend the Mansoor Collection. Now he suggests they do it again in the US! Go ahead, Wildung, do it. We are not going to go down to your level and sue you!

Now for the final blow, Wildung admits, sarcastically, that there is a “ wall of silence “.

Read the following, from his e-mail:” The most interesting detail in your message is the fact that you have succeeded to find Egyptologists believing in the Mansoor pieces. I am really curious to learn more about this point”. Is this a trap?  Wildung is trying to find out if there really are some honest and courageous Egyptologists who would speak in favor of the collection so he could suppress their opinions, before it reaches the public.

Yes, Wildung, there are some honest Egyptologists around. Unfortunately, you have not allowed them to speak up. See what happened to Prof. Vandersleyen, who claims to have  “ lost a few feathers “ because of the Mansoor Collection and the” Maffia .“ Or see what happened with Dr. Peck! He refers questions about the Mansoor Amarna Collection to you: standard procedure in your organization- the “ Egyptian art milieu “. The courageous ones will speak up some day.

So, Prof. Dr. Wildung, if you have anything “ honest “ and “ intelligent “ to say about the Mansoor Collection, SAY IT!  But you can’t, because you don’t know what  “ honest” and “ intelligent “ are and, in any case, your opinion will amount to NIL, since you haven’t seen the collection!

Are we opening ourselves to “ serious legal problems “ by making these “allegations” about you lying? NO! Because no jury will convict anyone telling the truth. So why are you afraid of a lawsuit, if you know you are telling the truth?

Questions for the reader :

Is Prof. Dr. Wildung a “ persona non grata” in the Egyptian Museum?

Why is Prof. Dr. Wildung no longer on the KMT Advisory Board ?

Why is Prof. Dr. Wildung no longer on the Amarna Research Foundation Advisory Board.

Find out for yourself !


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