The Boston Museum of Fine Arts Big Lie


Not content with "selling" the Mansoors a shameful and deceptive " scientific report",> the Boston MFA has been resorting to blatant lies, in order to discourage the public from investigating the Mansoor Amarna Collection affair. Their aim was to build a wall of silence, similar to Wildung’s infamous wall, or as the Japanese say:" Kill it by silence". You see, they all sing from the same hymn book!

For years, we had heard rumors that the Boston MFA was spreading lies regarding a Mansoor law suit against the Boston MFA. Recently, an interested party in Taiwan, Mr. Samuel S.M. Hwang, wrote Mr. Malcolm Rogers, Ann and Graham Gund Director, Boston MFA for a review of the Mansoor Collection status, in light of new scientific discoveries. Mr. Rogers, replied to this gentleman, that his suggestion re scientific evidence was a good one, however, the Boston MFA was not inclined to pursue the matter, since the Mansoors had sued the MFA in the past! What a complete humiliation for the Director of the MFA! For the Director of a respected institution to spread false rumors is, to say the least, outrageous. They are so desperate to hide the truth, they resort to lies. The MFA attorneys should have told Mr. Rogers that lawsuits are a matter of public record, that someone was lying to him and save him the embarrassment!

Now, we are not suggesting that Mr. Rogers is willfully spreading lies. We think he is a decent gentleman, who was led to believe lies which started before his accession to the MFA directorship. We also think that it is the duty, indeed the responsibility, of the Museum trustees, as well as that of Mr. Rogers, to investigate this breach of ethics, in order to save their institution’s reputation.

Regarding Mr. Huang’s suggestion that the Boston MFA use new technologies to reexamine the Mansoor Collection, and Mr. Rogers’ agreeing with the idea, isn’t it high time the Boston MFA review its policy and face the truth regarding the Mansoor Collection? How long can they hide the truth? The contributing public will someday revolt and stop its financial support.

What are they afraid of? A lawsuit? That’s settled. We don’t believe that a jury can decide about the authenticity of art objects. Admit that their Mr. Young was grossly incapable of performing a simple scientific test? While making a mistake is common and forgivable, denying and disavowing the truth is unforgivable.

If, you, the public believe that the Mansoors have been wronged, write Mr. Malcolm Rogers. Ask him to start an investigation. We promise to cooperate in any way to find the truth. It is unfortunate that in this day and age, someone in a position of power (the MFA) is allowed to manipulate the public interest.

Come and think of it………one wonders: if Mr. William J. Young of the Boston MFA was so unqualified to do a simple stone examination – remember he did not recognize the material of the collection to be a natural stone – how many other artifacts did he improperly identify as authentic while they were fakes and are now exhibited in the Boston MFA? That is a can of worms they don’t want to open!

Bottom line: here is a challenge to Mr. Rogers and the trustees of the Boston MFA- have YOUR CURRENT scientists review the Young/Mansoor report and reexamine the Amarna artifacts. They couldn’t possibly be as ignorant as Mr. Young or are they? What do you say?



Dr. Rita Freed is the current Curator of the Egyptian Department at the Boston MFA. Write her at < >

Mr. Malcolm Rogers can be contacted at: Malcolm Rogers, Ann and Graham Gund Director, MFA, 466 Huntington Ave. Boston, MA 02115

For a review of the correspondence between Mr. Samuel Huang and Mr. Rogers, please visit

July 2004


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