Mansoor Amarna Collection

Dr. John W. Gruner Report

From the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

College of Science, Literature, and the Arts
Minneapolis 14


October 11,1960

Mr. Edgard Mansoor
138 Madison Avenue
Redwood City, California.

Dear Mr. Mansoor :

I am very sorry that I did not answer your letter sooner. In the first place, I received your package about two weeks after you sent it. I was in the North Woods at that time and did not return to the University until the end of September. Your telegram of tonight reminded me of my negligence.

I am afraid that my opinion regarding the genuineness of the sculptures would not add very much. I read the copies and articles you sent me and agree completely with the opinions of the expert mineralogists you consulted. It would be practically impossible to forge the dendritic manganese wad and other hydroxides that you describe. On this you may quote me. I think you have nothing to fear from this angle of the argument.

To send me one of your sculptures for examination would put you to additional expense and not change my conclusions.

Very sincerely yours,

John W. Gruner