I would like to express my deep gratitude to the following persons who have helped me in writing The Scandal of the Century - The Mansoor Amarna Exposé. Without their assistance, this book would never have seen the day.

The late Dr. Andreina Leanza Becker-Colonna, Professor Emeritus, San Francisco State University; Dr. Christiane Desroches Noblecourt, Inspecteur General Honoraire des Musées de France, Chef Honoraire du Départment des Antiquitiés Egyptiennes au Musée du Louvre, Professor Honoraire d'Egyptologie de l'Institut Catholique de Paris; the late Monsignor Gianfranco Nolli, Former Director "Museo di Antichita Orientale," Vatican, "Docente di Religione Antico Egitto Alla Pontifica Universita Laterano."

All the above scholars have helped in clarifying many important details concerning the authenticity of the Mansoor Amarna sculptures.

The Honorable George Xanthos, Judge of the Superior Court, State of California, for his patience, time and support given to the Mansoor Amarna Collection.

John Anderson, Esq., John M. Cochran III, Esq., and John Peterson, Esq., for their advice, help, and time regarding the Mansoor Collection.

Mrs. Louise Fitzgerald, for her advice in writing this book.

A most appreciative thank you to Dimitra Seres for contributing her research and interviews on the Mansoor Amarna Collection which she conducted between the years 1986 - 1992.

And last but not least, to my brother George for all his help and assistance. To my entire family - including uncles and aunts - for their support and for providing me access to all their journals and documents concerning the Mansoor Amarna Collection.

Copyright © 1995 Christine Mansoor

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