Manuscript review by The Honorable George Xanthos, Judge of The Superior Court - State of California.

January 25, 1994

Miss Christine Mansoor
P.O.Box 280511
California 91328-0511

Dear Christine:

I have read the manuscript of your pending book and am delighted with it.

I have long believed that the Amarna Collection was genuine not only from my personal observation and study of the pieces but also from exhaustive discussions with noted Egyptologists.

I was privileged to discuss the collection with Dr. Christiane Desroches Noblecourt of the Louvre; the late Fr. Pierre Du Bourguet, also of the Louvre; Prof. Andreina Becker-Colonna of San Francisco State University and the late Msgr. Gianfranco Nolli, of the Vatican Museum. I was also present at the exhibition of the collection in Rome 1991.

In addition I read and discussed with Dr. Fred Stross his scientific studies and have also read the findings of Dr. Drioton and other scholars all of whom supported the genuineness of the collection.

The time has now come to put to rest the misguided accusations from pseudo-intellectuals who have defamed the collection without ever examining it. Your book should be a clarion call to those who challenge the authenticity of the collection to present evidence to refute the value of the collection. Not words; not speculation; not diatribe; not hypotheses nor guesses, but facts supported by definite scientific and archaeological findings.

My best wishes for a successful publication.


George Xanthos (signed)